Stays Grinding II

Acabo de disponibilizar O Enigma para streaming no myspace. A faixa conta com a participação do Suissac e do Secreto, uh, Mzuri Sana. Minha frase predileta: Protejo o meu telhado e não quebro o do vizinho. That's about it.

Até breve,



Cheryl said...

"o enigma" is sick!! is this on your upcoming solo record? adorei. in fact, i'm loving all the tracks on myspace.

happy halloween, holmes.

6 more days till "congratulations, president obama"...

Parteum said...

Thanks Cheryl,
the idea is to have at least two tracks with my partners (Secreto & Suissac) on my 2nd solo album. Glad you liked it. Happy Halloween to you, too.

President Barry is no joke. My friends out there, even those who never followed politics, they call me to discuss the idea of taxing brazilian ethanol and all that... I assume things are really going to change.

Take care,